Wey is an award-winning Cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He grew up in northern New Jersey, in the shadow of New York city.

As a kid, he was an avid story teller and photographer. He also loved math and science; eventually getting his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.

After spending several years as a software developer, Wey rediscovered his passion for imagery and storytelling. He found the perfect synthesis in cinematography. With this, he decided to leave his successful career and go back to school.

After completing his masters, he moved to Los Angeles, to pursue his dream to become a cinematographer. He has since worked on numerous feature films and shorts; commercials; and music videos all around the world. He has had the pleasure of working with an oscar award winning actor and some of the worlds’ biggest brands. He continues to push himself in the use of camera movement, composition, and lighting to become a better visual storyteller.

He is heavily influenced by directors such as Stanley Kubrick, Paul Thomas Anderson, Ang Lee, and Wong Kar Wai.

He is also influenced by the work of Janusz Kaminiski, Robert Elswit, Robert Richardson, Jordon Cronenweth, Roger Deakins Christopher Doyle, Gordon Willis, Greg Toland, and John Toll.

You can contact Wey via email: wey AT weywang DOT com